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Online memorial

Our Memorial Website - Lasting Memorials in Virtual Heaven

UK online registration is easy and very quickly you will be able to customise an online memorial as a lasting tribute to your departed loved ones. Online memorials never disappear, in fact they grow into blooming legacies of a person's journey through life. We hope that you will build an online tribute for a loved one, helping their memory to live on forever. Don't forget to invite friends and family to visit your memorial web page. Once there, they can light a memorial candle, add memorial tributes and much more. Chances are that your online memorial will end up being a place of love and happiness with lots of family history.

This memorial website gives loved ones a new breath of life

Online memorials are designed to remember a person's life and share it with friends and family. Creating an online tribute is easy. Simply select the memorial page layout you like best, second select the memorial package which best suits your needs. You can easily create an online memorial tribute that contains memorial pictures, audio tributes, video memorials, text tributes. Unlike other memorial websites, Virtual Heaven Memorial website allows you to customise your memorial using distinctive and beautiful designs.