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Geoff was born on the 26th November 1937 in Ebbw Vale. The eldest of six children, he was removed from school at the age of ten to help run the family butchers and riding school.

An experienced rider, Geoff attended local hunts from a young age and became and experienced butcher.


He met and married Josiephine in 1963 and a year later Mandy was born. 11 months and 3 weeks later, Richard was born.

For many years Geoff was a dairy herdsman working for royalty as well as famous dairy herd farms before trying his hand at something new.


Geoff went on to run a successful family building company with two brothers in Pembrokeshire before turning his hand to carpentry.


A while later Geoff and Josie decided to live in the USA to begin a new life there.


Returning to the UK in 2002 in June, it was shortly afterwards that Geoff was diagnosed with cancer and died on November 6th 2002.


His memory lives on in two grandchildren, Kim and Declan and although he never had the chance, has a beautiful great-grandson Cayden to carry on the "Turpin look".


RIP: You are never forgotten; your strong personality and determination lives within your children, grandchildren and great grandchild.

The memories we have of you are forever in our hearts.


Josie, Mandy, Ricky, Kim, Declan and Cayden