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Do you remember Trigger? The day you and I were taking him to the breakers yard so I could get to ride him. We borrowed the landrover from Terry at the farm in Cresselly and hitched up the trailer. Finally after an hour or two of you and Terry encouraging Trigger up the ramp we set off. Only thing was, half way down the road I looked behind to see us goind down the road and the trailer heading off towards the hedge. Trigger was unhurt and happily munching on his hay... as if nothing was wrong! I remember you lifting that trailer up with me and hitching him back on to take him. It was then I realised how strong you were, not only in character but in body too. I was determined from that day on to be the same as you Dad. To be strong in spirit and strong in my wiry body! Well, I have failed in one, but I can still shove a bale of hay around like its a packet of wafers!!!
Mandy Irvine added 06.11.2011 00:18