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My sweet darling, I will never forget the moment I met you. You were the most beautiful little girl any mother would want. And I will never forget the day you left us sweetie. It broke your mummy's heart. I count every day till we are together again. I love you more and more every day.
Mummy added 27.02.2012 13:57
Hello sunshine, do you remember how you were kicking me when you were still in my tummy? Inside out, you had some strong little legs. I loved feeling you under my heart. My precious gift from heaven. xxxxxxx
mummy added 23.01.2012 18:07
i remember our first day together, i felt so much pride and so much love for you, so grateful that your mummy was safe and had given us such a precious gift.i remember holding you, i felt as though i were the luckiest man alive, love you babba xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
daddy added 21.01.2012 22:28