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Melody or Ody (Audie).. That is what her friends and workmates usually call her. For us, she is our Momma.


She worked with AFPMBAI for a very long time. Through those years, we saw her enjoy going to work everyday. I'd say she was very dedicated and very hard working. She loved her job. She also cherished the people she worked with. Momma had plenty of friends there.


During her rest day, she usually stayed home watching Chismis show. Momma also love spending time with her friends in our village. They usually just hang out and eat, play bingo or just sing their heart out with videoke.


As a mother, well, I'm pretty sure my sisters will agree if I say that she was like our bestfriend. She was a very cool mom. What else can we say?! She was just plain lovely, kind, smart, loving, caring, God fearing and understanding.


During the later part of 2005, she was asked to go to Davao city for work. We thought then that it was just temporary. But Momma loved that plce so much that she asked to be transferred there permanently. It was okay for us because she can travel back here in Manila if she wanted. April 2006, she went back her for my graduation. During the late part of that year, she was confined in PGH because of her heart problem. Then it got worst, she had s stroke and was in comma. She had to be in ICU for several weeks. After that, she got better and doctor said she can go home. She went home January of 2008. She spent several days at home but she was hospitalized again. After several days, exactly 4 years now, my mom died. It was a heart attack. That day, January 12 2008, we lost our dear mother, our friend.