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Paul, boy do I have some memories with you, covered in paint after work.. walk to blackburn til you got ready and then to east whitburn for me to get ready, then being rebellious and getting a bottle of buckfast lol! that was our friday routine, wish we could do it all one more time. Football memories as well, you couldnt half ping a football, your shooting was scary good. Truly honoured to have played alongside you and your smile mate. My biggest regret is that i cant find a single photo of us, old phones and laptops that are all lost or broken with a few pictures on and it breaks my heart i cant see any again. You will always have a special place in my heart, you were one in a million. a huge heart and a very generous and caring guy. Would never see any of your friends go without and i admired that about you. Im sure we will meet again one day bud, and until that day comes i will never forget you and the shirt time i had the privilege to spend with you. Miss you mate, lots of love xxx
Jordan evans added 27.03.2014 18:58
I only have a photograph A moment caught in time To remind me of how it felt When you where here, and mine I see your smiling eyes In your photo when I wake I talk to you, and gently smile When I look at your lovely face It hurts how much I miss you here I just cant find the words to say The pain is deep inside my heart And seams to never go away I hear it said often How time will ease the pain But if I’m being honest I feel it must remain I need to think of you always To get me through each day I loved you very much son Why did you go away You had so many years as yet To watch your life unfold A wife a daughter, son or both You had the right to grow old I know you are watching from above At every task I do And let there be no doubt at all I totally love and miss you
craig mullen added 09.02.2013 22:31
My Amazing Beautiful Boy. You were so talented so athletic, your emotional intelligence 2nd to none – you could read any situation, tactful, polite, respectful, understanding, kind, tactile, precious, loved (a little vain)! Not very confident at times, beautiful, amazing physique smells amazing too! Generous with your time and money, funny, witty, wind-up merchant! Especially Craig(!) caring considerate beautiful, precious, LOVED BY SO MANY PEOPLE!!  Missed, amazing, beautiful boy, brilliant driver, footballer, son, brother, whatever you did you excelled in. Brilliant employee – Apprentice of the Year my God! Shy at times (!), loving, caring, loved your Family (hopefully & especially me(!) OCD! Especially about time, teeth & toast! My baby I loved you so much. Angel. R.I. P. until I see your beautiful face again. My love always and forever & ever. I love you Son – Love Mum xoxoxoxoxo
Mum xoxoxoxoxo added 09.02.2013 21:25
Wolfpack Tribute Read 7th July 2011 Paul, you are a special part of our very own Wolf Pack. We have shared so many weird and wonderful stories since primary school, some of which are appropriate for you today as a very small tribute to a special and much loved friend, our very own Pique. What words best describe our mate. Well definitely funny, certainly proud and just a little bit vain. Absolute joker and wind up merchant springs to mind. And well what can we say about your love of cars. You got mad all the time when people called your Corsa green, after all it was Spearmint Silver and is the other woman in your life. It is the most immaculate and well polished of the Corsa Club, it even has been given a special place in the Scottish Corsa Club meetings. And the rainbow Magic Trees, well you certainly managed to get all of the colours and more, all to hide your own special scent you shared with us after the South Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken, and your Peshwari Nan for vitamin C. We remember the very special peacock dance to impress the little blonde, giving it a Youssain Bolt poser stance, then pretending you were shy, we know better. You made Jodi share her Nacho’s and Salsa, then tipped poor Ross’s last 70 cents can of juice over the balcony, by accident of course! You and Jodi agreed to get your first tattoos together, even though your Mums didn’t approve. Well you went in first, suffered the pain, and then Jodi bailed. The boys have added another tattoo as an eternal reminder of you, and well Jodi didn’t bail this time. We were just remembering the time when Jodi was pregnant with Liam and you and Garry made her slightly incontinent with laughter as you kept trying to beat the other one to leave the boot open and get away, nobody won and nobody lost that day, just another fun time to keep in our hearts. Can’t forget how amazing your football skills. You couldn’t wait until Liam would be old enough to teach him football, by the best professional footballer we know, and as always modest about those fantastic feet. Making us all laugh, and making yourself laugh has been a constant theme, from Crazy Charlie Harper in Two and a Half Men, Leslie Chow in the Hangover to the side splitting cackling laugh as we watched you end up in tears watching Kevin Bridges, and made us laugh even more. You had your own unique talent, your mimicking of accents, even Garry’s wee Gran was not spared in your imitations, her way of saying your name in the Inverness accent and checking if you knew aboot the motorbikes, no one was safe. Above all and forever you are and will remain our great friend, we will miss you so much, and know you will be making the angels smile. Shine your light down on us, Lift us up so we can see Shine your light now you’re gone Give us the strength to carry on By the way Paul, Garry says you can keep the socks
Jodi, Garry, Ross added 09.02.2013 21:13