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Pauline was a devoted wife, mother and grandmother. Her family was the most important thing to her and we always appreciated her love, generosity and support.


Alicia, Leah, Joe and Tommy spent so many days and nights with their nanny playing in the garden, eating Marmite on toast, watching Deal or No Deal; they certainly knew where to turn when they wanted some sweets or an ice-lolly!


Baby Ava Pauline was born on 6 February 2011 and sadly will not get to know how amazing and caring her nanny was, and how fun she was to be around. She will of course learn everything there is to know about her nanny from us all and for those that Pauline has left behind, her name will lovingly continue through Baby Ava Pauline.


Pauline's own childhood was far away from the one she ensured her own children (Nicola, Emma and Leigh) and her grandchildren experienced. Born in Athlone in Ireland, Pauline and her siblings (Tommy, Gerry, Mike and Lynda) were brought to England at a very young age, where they unfortunately found themselves in social care. Pauline was placed in St Ann's Convent in Hove, East Sussex where she sadly spent much of her childhood.


As they say, every cloud has a silver-lining and Pauline was incredibly fortunate that the Jacob family from the local area chose to give their time and love to her, taking her out at weekends, having her stay at Christmas; the Jacob's were to become Pauline's own family and she held them very dear to her heart. Peggy and her children, particularly Marian, continued to be a huge part of Pauline's family throughout her life. We all have fond memories of train journeys to Brighton and summers spent in the paddling pool on the seafront. The close bond between the two families continues to this day and we still love and appreciate all that they did for and gave to Pauline - there really are no words to express the gratitude.


Pauline was very interested in the welfare of the elderly and held various positions within the care industry. The later years of her life were dedicated to the residents of St Audrey's Care Home. As Deputy Manager, she spent so much of her own spare time organising events, preparing raffle prizes and ensuring her residents were well looked-after, felt loved and were as happy as she could possibly make them. There is no doubt they she will continue to be missed by her residents and colleagues alike. They will struggle to find anyone as dedicated to the home as Pauline. 


At the age of 51 and with so much more to do and give, it was far too early for us to lose Pauline. We have all lost a very much-loved wife, mother, grandmother and friend.


Please use this page to remember and celebrate Pauline with us xx