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Neneng I remember when you are young and I always sleep over to your place in Garden Village. You always quiet and if i ask you something you just smile and run away.... I was so sad about your illness but im so please that you are out of pain and your are in the safe place now... May you rest in peace and join the rest of our family there...where ever you are... miss you.... you will be always in our heart... Ate Meanne
Mary Ann Wallace added 16.04.2010 20:40
ate neneng.. thank you for the memories lalo na nung mga bata tayo, nung nakita ko itong site mo naiyak ko, lalo nung nabasa ko yung sinulat ni anchel... hindi man kita nakasama nung tumanda tayo, but in my heart you are still here.. You know until now nakatago pa din sakin yung tong na binili mo for me un ung isa bagay na meron ako galing sayo.. I know your happy na with our relatives and GOD.. We Love you..
edel added 16.04.2010 14:47
i never stopped loving you! thank you so much sa mga memories, for being a great older sister sa brat na katulad ko. tama ka, our life is much better now without you pero mas ok kung nandito ka pa rin... no words can express how i feel... my tears won't stop flowing. i am so lost without you! you we're my mentor, i couldn't do anything without you, alam mo yun. i never imagined my life without you. parang kahapon lang pero almost 6 years na... the pain is still here... it would never go away, repressed lang. somehow we managed to live no matter how painful it is... without you. nami-miss kita ng sobra! i love you so much. alam ko masaya ka na kasama mga relatives naten at c On2. please continue to watch over us...
Rishell Perez added 15.04.2010 18:15
You went away so soon, but were happy knowing you are no longer sick or in pain. We miss you but you’re in the greatest place now….HEAVEN... We thank GOD for giving and sharing your life with your family and friends who cherish your memory and let it live on....
evelyn m. perez added 15.04.2010 16:10