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  • 17 June, 1982 

    Date of Birth

    Excited, my adventures begin.

  • 16 February, 1985 

    Rishell was born

    Delighted to have a new sister.

  • 25 February, 1986 

    Edsa Revolution

    Frightened, it was a chaos that year we couldn't have our yearly excursion.

  • 10 November, 1987 

    My youngest brother On-On was born

    Glad to have another brother, he's the youngest among 5 of us

  • 30 December, 1988 

    A freak accident killed On-On

    Grief, I learned that eventually, we have to end our journey in this world.

  • 1 January, 1989 

    Family Reunion, I got Sick

    Weak, 3 days after my brother's death, our relatives held the family reunion at our home just to cheer us up a bit

  • 1998 

    Junior Prom

    Enjoy life, have a good time in everything you do

  • 1999 

    High School Graduation, College Freshman

    Homesick, being miles away from my family makes me miserable up to now.

  • 2000 

    Debut, Eye Operation

    Pain/ Independence, I spent the money I got for not having a party for an eye operation.

  • 2001 

    Under Probation

    Degraded, I striven hard to get out from delinquency status.

  • 2002 

    My Saga Continues

    Determined, I'm all set to face my future. I'm willing to come across everything that I haven't explored yet...

  • 25 February, 2004 

    Final Diagnosis

    after 3 months of suffering from headache, and after 3 failed diagnosis from 3 different doctors, she was finally diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme,the most common and most aggressive type of primary brain tumor

  • 19 April, 2004 


    she graduated from university of the Philippines extension program in pampanga due to the efforts of our relatives. she graduated from university of the Philippines extension program in pampanga due to the efforts of her relatives. her tito and titas from malolos city were able to persuade e 2 of her professors to allow her to graduate even without completing some of her requirements in school. although she wasn't able to attend the ceremony, her sister rida accepted rianne's diploma. -rishell

  • 21 May, 2004 

    Last Day On Earth

    3 months after diagnosis and 1 month after her graduation, she succumbed to the complications from glioblastoma multiforme... -rishell